Parchment by any other name wouldn’t be as foldable.

paper_airplane_smI believe there are stages in a boys development not defined in todays psychological journals.  One that comes to mind is the paper airplane making stage.  Both Reed and Douglas hit this one at around the age of 5 and this last month, Isaac has joined in this stage of development.  The signs are quite simple:  the printer’s paper seems to be out whenever one tries to print something, a pile of folded angular papers parked in the middle of several rooms, and a depleted supply of band aides due to a paper cut epidemic.  I must say, my skills at paper airplane making have improved over the years, in fact, I make a very fast straight flyer that could poke an eye out should the eye get in the flight path.  As the mother of the boys going through the stages, it was, and is, impossible to stand on the peripheral edges and not learn how to make these planes.  First, because they’re begging for you to help them and then it becomes a challenge with daddy to see if mommy really can make a better plane, oh, and she can.  (This is my blog so I can say whatever I want Chris Smile) . 

paper_boats Lynn TaylorFollowing the paper airplane stage is the paper hat making stage, then the paper gun making stage, then the paper boat making stage (watch out for this one and have a plunger on hand), then the spit wad making stage, and then once all primeval creativity has been shed, comes the renaissance of paper crafting called Origami.  By the way, mommy is pretty darn good at making cranes.


It is my theory that my proficiency at paper crane making is because I learned how to do it while living in Japan.  Just like the theory that if you learn how to jump like a kangaroo, imitating all of its marsupial grace, it’s because you leaned how to do it in Australia.


Heatherlyn said…
Oh, my 10 year-old once set up an oragomi stand one summer instead of a lemonade stand. He would make different oragomi shapes for neighborhood kids for a fee. I think he earned $1.80 at that venture. Paper folding can be fun!

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