Saturday, December 18, 2010

“A funny idea, a jester!”

In order to get the I-man to get his PJs on, I told him I’d take some pictures of him in front of the Christmas tree with his little sister.  So, here we are, Miss E. and her adoring big brother.  He’s the only one who can get her to laugh when she gets into one of her serious I’m-hungry-and/or-tired moods.  Of course, he sometimes has to sacrifice his body to the arts of funny contortions, silly face making and  other forms of tomfoolery.  But, a baby laughing session is worth at least 5 Band-Aids and a trip to the hospital.  Two baby laughing sessions?  That would be equal to 10 Band-Aids and a seat in the ER with your initials burned into the chair’s faux leather backing.

IMG_5158 [640x480]

IMG_5172 [640x480]

IMG_5173 [640x480]

IMG_5178 [640x480]

IMG_5179 [640x480]

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