Feeling Orna-mental

I thought it might be fun to take pictures of some of my favorite ornaments.  Who knows, a flying ball, a kicked off shoe, or even an asteroid could land on my tree and I’d never have pictures to remember them by.

IMG_5135 [640x480]

A Hummel ornament given to me by one of our favorite friends, the Wells.

IMG_5139 [640x480]

The Chimney Sweep, a gift from my aunt Jodi.

IMG_5140 [640x480]IMG_5141 [640x480]IMG_5145 [640x480]IMG_5150 [640x480]

Here are a few more adorables.  None of these beauties will fit on the tree but they are my most favorite of all.

IMG_5108 [640x480]

Just after our walk.  Does a character named, Randy, come to mind?

IMG_5123 [640x480]

Well?  Are you going to pick me up or aren’t you?

IMG_5121 [640x480]

Now, how do I get out of this one?  Mommy does it all the time, what’s the big deal?

IMG_5112 [640x480]

Cousin Henry working on his recital piece.

IMG_5116 [640x480]

Cousin Tanzen, Elizabeth, and Miriam

Three of the Williams ladies enjoying the confines of their car seats.

IMG_5110 [640x480]

Lacey, very pregnant, Leigh, and little Tanzen.  We were so glad Matt and Leigh could come out for a visit.  We could hardly wait to meet their new little lady.


Andrea said…
"I can't put my arms down!" Super cute. I need to get one of those warm cuddly suits for Molly--one less excuse for not going on a walk.
Natalie said…
Your girls are SO gorgeous! Every post brings more and more beauty. I love it. I'm excited for the day I get a real, full-sized tree (the day I don't have a crawler to pull it over on themselves)...hopefully next year. The Hummel ornament is my favorite; I love those characters. Merry Christmas!
Deanne said…
What a great idea to take pictures of your favorite ornaments. You could go as far as to take pictures of all your favorite Holiday decorations. I think I going to borrow this idea, if you don't mind.
OK, I hope I get this right, but Miriam looks so much like Reed!!!!! I love it!! Becks, they are so so beautiful, and your boys are as handsome as ever. xoxo

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