Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Some of what you see on Miriam’s forehead also landed on me.  She was experimenting and discovering what different things her mouth could do. PBBBBBBBTH!

IMG_5036 [640x480]

IMG_5035 [640x480]

Me?  No, I just eat my food unless you smile at me, then I have to smile back and out comes the last spoon full. 

IMG_5033 [640x480]

O.k. we’re done, get us out of these seats already!


leigh said...

Becky, you have great posts. I just caught up with the last few and they are all entertaining. Can't wait to see you guys sometime next week! Girl-baby cousins unite!

mommymuse said...

Oh, those eyes! Those beautiful, beautiful eyes! And do you ever get anything done? I'd just sit and stare at those cute babies all day!

Rebecca said...

love the new design! Keep up the great work Becky!

VICKYFF said...

Nice Writeup.... :) i like this..Some techniques could come in handy.
I agree with everything you posted in this entry, I’m a loyal reader so please keep updating so often!
Scarves Scarves

Melissa said...

They can't be old enough to eat food yet! They get cuter every post!

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