Playful times in the Park

Finally, I’m updating my blog and that is because I’m not being beckoned to feed, hold, or coo at anyone.  Not that I don’t enjoy such activities, but it does put a damper on my blogging time.  As you can see, I’ve been busy taking pictures of all my kiddos, so this is mostly a picture update.

IMG_4564 [640x480]

Miss Miri Blue Eyes


Miss Lizzy the Looker


Miriam is wondering why everyone else is not in a car seat at the park.


Playing a little bit of “foozball” with the boys and daddy trying his hardest to teach the boys the rules.




The case of the wanted diet Coke.  Miri loves to hold and grab anything within her reach and is wondering what ambrosia this 32 oz. container holds.  (She never does figure it out but she sure does try!)


Chewing on the straw


“Ugh!  That was mine!”


Douglas posing with the parent’s addictive drink of choice.  Yes, grandma W., we are taking the calcium and vitamin D chews you gave us, knowing our love of the carbonated beverage Smile.


Heatherlyn said…
Wow, her eyes really are quite blue. My Ashley's eyes were blue for almost a year and now they are the lightest brown. I bet your daughter's stay blue though. Why not? :)

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