Bedecked for Boo-day


IMG_4488 [640x480]

The prisoner coming up with his plan for escape or maybe he’s looking for patterns on the grid like table.  “I was just making license plates, where’d they go?!”

IMG_4491 [640x480]

Reed “The Rooster’s” mug shot.

IMG_4495 [640x480]

The ninja right before he slashes the photographer.

IMG_4501 [640x480]

“I am Isaac-Man, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh Isaac-Man”  (were you able to put the words to the song?).

IMG_4505 [640x480]

A blog style flip-book or montage of the good guys capturing the escaped prisoner.

IMG_4510 [640x480]IMG_4511 [640x480]IMG_4512 [640x480]IMG_4513 [640x480]IMG_4515 [640x480]IMG_4522 [640x480]

Caught!  We always get our man!


Deanne said…
Great costumes! Thanks for the picture should print them and make a flip book. =)
Heatherlyn said…
What handsome handsome boys you have! They look great in their costumes!

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