5 and a half month olds, can you believe it?!

Let’s just reach out and touch someone.  Besides calling Miri, “Miri-dactyl” for her talent for making painful high-pitched screams, “Miri-tactile” is starting to fit this little girl too.  Her sister Elizabeth is such an easy going girl that she puts up with most of Miriam’s head, foot and ear grabbing. But, when kicked in the head, she becomes quite put out.

IMG_4735 [640x480]IMG_4738 [640x480]IMG_4746 [640x480]IMG_4766 [640x480]IMG_4770 [640x480]IMG_4772 [640x480]

A top grade drool producer


Andrea said…
Seriously can't get over Miriam's big blue eyes...gorgeous.
Heatherlyn said…
Beautiful girls! What would it be like to have a twin sister? Annoying? Comforting? A little bit of both? :)

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