“An elegant [conversation] for a more civilized age…”

My youngest son is the one who can play all day with action figures, making up dialogue, background music for special scenes, and mobilizing them into the coolest and sometimes oddest positions (remember Luke Skywalker in the Freezer, aka, Hoth).

This morning, I sat eating my breakfast at the kitchen counter, listening for the babies to wake up, thinking about something probably like nuclear fusion, and sort of listening to Isaac playing with his action figures.  This morning, it was the Star Wars crew.  Apparently, Cody, one of the only Clone Storm Troopers with a name, Boba Fett, and a no-name Storm Trooper, have all buddied up.  They do everything together including scaling book walls, hanging upside down, and no doubt, cart wheels and summersaults. 


Today, the dare-devil activity was to jump off of one of the kitchen chairs, “Chair Cliff” and land safely on the brown carpet.  None of them landed on their feet, in fact all of them fell on their stomachs or backs in one contorted pile.  It was at this point that I heard Isaac say, in the voice of Cody Clone/Storm trooper, “Excuse me, could you please get off of me, I’m getting squashed.”  After which Dak says, “O.k., sure, just a minute.”  Dak then gets up and stands aside as he watches his friends get up from their falls.  It’s moments like that that I have the hardest time not laughing my head off but I try with all my might, to hold it in and listen for more.  Sadly, that was the end of their conversation and they resumed their play with Star Wars music sung by Isaac and sound effects to accompany leaping and falling.



Heatherlyn said…
I wonder where he gets his creativity from? ;)
Welch Mom said…
Well that is just the life of a boy. My boys are at this moment "fixing" things that are broken around the house as they march to their jobs as tool men. I love every minute of their "boyness"
Natalie said…
Love it. I agree with Heatherlyn; surely Isaac has some of your amazingly creative and artistic ability. He just uses action figures and vocalized sound effects instead of a keyboard or one of your fabulous pens. :)

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