Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!

Lately, my wimpy attempts at blogging remind me of those classes one has to take in college where one does the bare minimum just to manage a passing grade.  “D+?  Oh my gosh, I passed!  I’m gonna graduate!  I wish we’d known each other, this is a little awkward.”  (Tommy Boy)  The one thing I can manage with success, is taking pictures.  It’s an addiction really, one which I’ve already confessed to, but continue to feed. 

The boys are all back in school, hallelujah!  Not that I don’t enjoy their company, but minds and energy such as theirs, need a bit more stimulation and scope than our house and yard can provide.  Once they get home, the proper wiggles and really strange questions have been spent at school.  They still have wiggles but are focused on catching grasshoppers (did you know they spit?), making muddy dirt pits for the “guys” in the garden, and making islands of pillows in the basement where the carpet has turned to lava.

I’ve asked the boys how they like school and each one has answered with one of the following, “I like it, it’s fine, or it’s great!” Reed has given me the most thorough answers.  I asked him what his teacher was like and he said “she’s nice, is in her early 40’s and has golden-brown hair.”  I asked him who he sits next to and he told me a girl named Haley.  When I asked him if she was nice he said, “Yes, she’s nice but sort of creepy.”  Then I asked, “Why is she creepy?”  “Because she chases me around at recess.”  I’d better get him some better running shoes.

As an attempt to defend my wimpy blogging, I need to include the fact that we’ve been taking turns getting sick with pneumonia, colds, and a few random germs which have been slowly weakened with antibiotics.  Sometimes it seems that a warm bath is the only thing that will help.  I bought some Calgon (Take me away) and didn’t know that it made the water blue.  Scary, I was afraid I’d come out looking like a died Easter egg. I didn’t end up surrounded by plastic green grass once I was done being “taken away,” however I’m not sure I’m ever going to use that stuff again.

Isaac 3rd a[640x480]

3rd day of school.  It worked for his older brothers, why not him?  1st days of school are way overrated.


IMG_4368 [640x480]

IMG_4371 [640x480]

The boys still in their p.j.s and it’s almost noon.  Saturdays…

IMG_4372 [640x480]

Miriam [640x480]


Andrea said…
You have beautiful children. And I say "amen" to your schools back in session...your described it perfectly. I'm loving Reed's "early 40s" description--funny.
Welch Mom said…
I love Reed's very detailed answers. Yes school is a good break for mom's sanity.
And by the way, you have some of the cutest kids I have seen!
Natalie said…
Reed cracks me right up! Please save him for Karli, as Amber is already betrothed to Miles Miller in Lansing. :) I'm glad you get to spend some quality girl-time with Miriam and Elizabeth while the boys get chased at school. They are all so darling! We need to meet up sometime soon...maybe after we all get over the ridiculous viruses that are floating around. Good luck!
Heatherlyn said…
I've been a whimpy blogger lately too. And I don't even have the excuse of twins, which, by the way, yours are truly looking beautiful!

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