Jellystone Park

One whole week in Yellowstone National Park!  Unfortunately, I could not go but my three boys, cousins, grandpa, and two aunts could.  The wonderful thing was, I was left behind with 2 babies and a Chris all to myself.  I missed them, but it sure was nice to have a break from the complaints of boredom and the constant bickering (a result of boredom).  One giant hurrah for school starting next week!  I'm so glad they were able to finish off their summer with one fabulous vacation.  Here’s a collection of photos my dad took of their adventures.

IMG_1289 [640x480] IMG_1293 [640x480] IMG_1310 [640x480] IMG_1323 [640x480] IMG_1327 [640x480] IMG_1330 [640x480] IMG_1338 [640x480] IMG_1352 [640x480] IMG_1358 [640x480] IMG_1370 [640x480] IMG_1375 [640x480] IMG_1380 [640x480] IMG_1390 [640x480] IMG_1398 [640x480] IMG_1403 [640x480] IMG_1410 [640x480] IMG_1416 - Copy  IMG_1444 [640x480] IMG_1459 [640x480] IMG_1462 [640x480] IMG_1470 [640x480] IMG_1474 [640x480] IMG_1511 [640x480] IMG_1512 [640x480] IMG_1524 [640x480] IMG_1530 [640x480] IMG_1531 [640x480]

IMG_1532 [640x480]


Andrea said…
How fun for them! And let's be honest, how fun for YOU!!

I'm loving Isaac's flashlight hooked to his belt loop...too cute.

And what temple is that?
Rebecca said…
How awesome of them to take your boys! I love Yellowstone. Looks like a blast!
Melissa said…
What a nice Grandpa and aunts! Looks like lots of fun! I hope you enjoyed a little time away from big kids.

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