Descendants of the people of the sheep

It’s a good ol’ family reunion with the best scones, homemade root beer, and lamb fry ever.  This side of the family has sheep herders, or sheepers, or people of the sheep, to whom we are all greatly indebted for the yummiest food in Emery county.  The best part of all was visiting with family and discovering family we never knew.  Of course, being a married-into-the-family member, I hardly recognize anyone.  Isaac made friends with a girl cousin his own age and liked her so much he gladly fetched her a cup of root beer. 

As usual, I took a lot of pictures and one of them included the three sets of twins on this side of the family, including Isaac who is a twin unto himself.  It’s starting to seem that if you are not a twin in this family, you are a minority.  I know Chris, Isaac and I certainly are in our immediate family.

IMG_4336 [640x480] IMG_4325 [640x480]

Grandma Williams with Miriam

 IMG_4326 [640x480]

Miss Elizabeth thinks it’s a little to bright outside.

IMG_4328 [640x480]  IMG_4344 [640x480] IMG_4346 [640x480]

McKayla (sp?) one of Mike and Melissa’s twins, has the bluest eyes!

 IMG_4351 [640x480]

My kids with their great grandma Stilson

A few more pics….

 IMG_4316 [640x480]

Grandpa H. holding Elizabeth while she sucks, gnaws, and drools on his thumb.  Both Miriam and Elizabeth find his thumb to be the ideal choice in teething rings, both of them do it!

 IMG_4317 [640x480] IMG_4320 [640x480]

IMG_4358 [640x480]

Reed and Douglas’ 3rd day of school.  Couldn’t manage it on the first day as I was still in my p.j.s, an outfit I wore until about noon that day.

Isaac starts kindergarten next Wednesday and so we’ll see if I can manage a 1st day of school photo with him.


mommymuse said…
Oh, I love seeing new blog posts from you!!! How fun to see pictures of the girls SMILING so much!!! They are adorable. They look so huggable. PS--you are ahead of me--we just made it through the first week of school and I have yet to find the camera :).
Real quick, I LOVE your blog background!!!!!!!! Next, your girls are soooo cute and getting so big already!!! I need to come see them again!! Wished we lived like 40 minutes closer and I think we'd see each other more :) hehehe. Well, hope you are doing great Becky!!
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