Baby Barf by any other name would not smell as sweet.

I should be sleeping but I thought I should get on this computer once in a while just to make sure the world hasn’t exploded without my knowledge. I’ve been a little out of touch with things and have taken on a whole new method of doing things. It’s probably not really a method when you don’t think about it but in retrospect my days seem to follow the same pattern that could suggest possible planning: 5 am wake up and feed two babies…7 am wake up again and feed two babies…9 am try to sit up and keep my eyes open…9:30 am feed two babies…11:00 am, feed two babies, put on bra, then go for car ride to get two babies to fall asleep…get home, tip toe babies into their rooms, tip toe out…10 min. later two babies wake up and then two babies get fed. You see the pattern or method don’t you? By the way, the bra comes off as soon as I walk in the door as I have never met a nursing bra comfortable enough to wear for more than two hours. What I do in between these non-feeding times is somewhat of a blur, laundry maybe? Eat? Sleep? Stare at a dent in the wall? I do know that I’ve gotten almost the entire series of Bones watched, and am currently working on Heroes thanks to Netflix. Another thing I’m sure that I don’t do is exercise.  I’m not stating any of this with bitterness, I’m just stating fact so that if anyone doesn’t recognize me in a few months you’ll know why, or at least be prepared to meet a lady wearing stretch yoga pants, a blue oversized Old Navy tee-shirt, no bra, plastic Hawaii sandals, hairy legs, toe nails with half of the polish still clinging on, no make-up or maybe a little left of from a few days earlier, hair in either a pony-tail, messy French twist, or some strange style made up by the rubber band, and an unmistakable odor of b.o. mixed with baby barf.  Make sure that when you look upon this monstrosity as she lollops to her mail box, to notice the smile on her face and the gleam in her eye, for she is as happy as can be (just don’t try to engage her in conversations that require two syllable words or complete sentences).

IMG_4254 [640x480][6]

IMG_4213 [640x480]

IMG_4224 [640x480]

IMG_4238 [640x480]


IMG_4265 [640x480]

Someone is all clean!!!!  Bubbles!

IMG_4291 [640x480]

Grandma loves her brand new granddaughters!

IMG_4301 [640x480]

Aunt Erin asleep with her niece…two sleeping beauties in one shot!

IMG_4302 [640x480]

They caught a double rainbow but no leprechauns. 

IMG_4311 [640x480]

These three boys are almost willing to say they’re excited for school to start, almost…but not quite.  Of course mommy is very excited!  Winking smile


Rebecca said…
You are the best mom! I love that you are happy about all this:)
-Ang said…
Dido to what she said! It all sounds a tad too familiar, but you are wonderful to take it all in stride and enjoy it. I'm going to have to learn from you :).
LOVE the pictures!
Andrea said…
Oh, I can sooo relate! (but only half as much.) Your girls are just beautiful! Does anyone ever say that they look like the girl versions of Douglas and Reed?

Just a few more weeks until school! Yay!!!

p.s. We totally miss you in Primary.
Melissa said…
I am so glad that I would catch you with a happy gleam in your eye and that makes you beautiful no matter what! What an inspiration to us all! The Lord knows who he sends twins to!
Natalie said…
Ha ha ha...I was just going to write, "your girls look like the beautiful female version of Douglas and Reed" and then I read the comments. They are gorgeous, and I'm sure that even in your yoga pants, hairy legs, and oversized Old Navy T-shirt, you are equally as gorgeous. You're the most amazing lady I've ever met and you always inspire me. I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy those precious little girls. They look absolutely kissable. We need to meet up sometime soon, like when the boys are in school and you head to Alpine to visit your auntie or something. :) I miss you!
Brenny said…
I laughed so hard over the bra thing. Amid the 'schedule' (that seems daunting to a novice like me) I'm so glad to hear you are happy. Seriously, that was the best part of your post.

Which season of Bones? Oh, it doesn't matter to me, I'm a sucker for all of them...
Steve Finnell said…
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Deanne said…
Your girls are so cute. I love their coordinating outfits!

(And yes I'm totally behind on the blog world. I don't know how you keep up with your posts with twins. I can barely read other people's blogs, let alone make posts on mine and I only have one infant!)

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