Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It’s a Left Clicky-thing

The left clicky-thing on my mouse doesn’t think I’m serious when I press it unless I add a little more muscle-oomph to my finger.  I suppose the mouse might be asking me if I’m sure I want to click on something before I actually go there.  I have, since these symptoms on my mouse have started, abandoned certain half-hearted attempts at various sites because I didn’t realize the clicky-thing just needed more muscle.  It got me thinking about what my other experiences in life would be like if I had to press the clicky-thing again , but with greater conviction, before it worked.  I’m sure I’d avoid putting my foot in my mouth more often, I’d make better financial choices, and I’d probably be a more rational and sane mother, maybe. 

I’ve noticed on Facebook, a site that I’ve been trying not to visit much, that many people who post there, including myself, need to have a little more “clicky-thing” issues just so we think about what we type before it’s out there for the whole world to see.  I often wonder when visiting that site, how many people are on hallucinogenic drugs or some other medication that loosens their judgment and all sense of propriety.  I’m sure all who read this blog, and are also on Facebook, know exactly what I’m talking about.  There’s another site, and I’m sure many, many more like it, called Twitter, where the user should have to be forced to use some ancient computer binary code in order to post.  A mouse should be forbidden for such instant comment sites, sites where if there were such a physical condition like unto IBS on the computer, the problem would be like none known to the medical community. 

Anyway, I’m just having a moment of time to myself while the babies are sleeping and Chris is standing as sentinel over the wakeful boys.  Instead of wisely sleeping these minutes away, I am parked here in front of the computer posting.  Blogging, even with an are-you-sure-you-want-top-post-it-mouse, is actually a pretty therapeutic and mentally healthy thing for me to do on occasion.  As I type I become enlightened on several points, one of which is how bad a speller I am and another is that it’s time for a refresher class on English grammar.  Putting a string of random thoughts from the past week into a semi-ordered and typed fashion, helps me document what may or may not have been reality, but is still a process which can also be therapeutic.

Enough about clicky-things.  We celebrated Isaac’s 5th birthday this weekend, yes he’s only 5 though he looks like a 6 1/2 year old according to the doctor.  He got some very fun gifts, a Lego Star Wars shirt, and a 3 pack of Star Wars underwear.  Finally, he gets his own not-hand-me-down underwear.  That is the unfortunate lot of a younger brother, getting the hand-me-downs, but I really do think the attempt at frugality should stop when it comes to recycling your older brother’s underwear.

We went down to Chris’ parents house to celebrate the day and had a wonderful time visiting with his family.  There were 3 sets of twins in their house that afternoon, my two sets and Mike and Melissa’s babies.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend and some other randomness.

IMG_4191 [640x480][7]

IMG_4154 [640x480]IMG_4157 [640x480]IMG_4160 [640x480]IMG_4161 [640x480]IMG_4163 [640x480]IMG_4175 [640x480]IMG_4179 [640x480]IMG_4184 [640x480]IMG_4185 [640x480]IMG_4186 [640x480]IMG_4187 [640x480]

IMG_4189 [640x480]IMG_4188 [640x480]


Brenny said...

Happy Birthday, Issac! Congrats on the underwear.

I so hear you about people who need to think before clicking the 'post' button (I say this and I know I'm guilty of this, too). Seriously, shouldn't your internal filter help/kick in when you have to physically type or text a thought?

The watermelon outfits are darling of those beautiful baby girls.

Brenny said...

Okay, watermelon/strawberry outfit...

Bryce and Heather said...

I agree with you and Brenda---that's why I don't ever post on Facebook!! I don't trust my filter!!! Or is it because I'm just a reader/stalker? Oh, I've said too much!!!

Happy 5th Issac! Ooooh, I just love your girls!!! They are so cute!!! (p.s. so is their mother!)

Heatherlyn said...

The babies are beautiful! That's a lot of twins in one place though!

All my facebook friends are pretty tame. People say nice sweet things and nothing dramatic or crazy, ever. It's a little boring sometimes.

I think twitter is a really dumb idea, personally.

And I have had way too many moments in my life where i have said something that has come out wrong or that I just wished I woudln't have said. Sigh.

Natalie said...

Ha ha ha! I'm so glad you find blogging theraputic, because I find reading your blog equally beneficial. All of your kids are particularly gorgeous, but those little ladies are just amazing. Happy birthday, Isaac! Sorry it took you 5 years to get your own new undies. :) Just kidding.

Mike and Melissa said...

Oh these are pretty pictures. I love the one with Grandpa Richard and Miriam. How adorable. Happy B-day again Isaac!

Melissa said...

Wow, everyone gets to hold a baby when there are two sets of babies under one roof!
I think our boys would really get along. My kids LOVE anything Star Wars (including underwear) and when not playing, talking about, or humming Star Wars, they are playing with their Playmobil set. Maybe one day we will get them together!

RHI'S PLACE said...

Cute babies! Fun bday party for Issac too :) Yeah some people should think before clicking but the ones that drive me nuts are the lurkers. Never posting but watching everyone else. I think if your part of a social site you should participate all the way. Just my 2 cents though for whatever its worth. :)

mommymuse said...

Your babies are soooooo beautiful!!! all of them, even the big boy ones :).

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