A Blessed Occasion!

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The forth of July wasn’t only a special day because of our wonderful country’s celebration of independence and freedom, but it was also the day we brought our dear little girls to church with family and friends, and had them blessed.  Thank you all who came for sharing this memorable day with us.

We are now a family of 7!  Wow!  We’ve just about outgrown our mini van.  Give us a few years and I think we will!

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A family photo just after the blessing.  More were there but I didn’t get the memo out soon enough that there would be a group picture afterward.  Missed you in the photo, Andi, Aaron and fam.

IMG_1236 [640x480]

Gabriella with the big blue eyes!

IMG_1237 [640x480]

Mommy with Elizabeth, sound asleep with her “Sunday bib” on.  The only nice looking bib we have, thus being preserved for special occasions and to spare a beautiful dress from a very spit-uppy baby.

IMG_1235 [640x480][4]

Cousin Tessa holding Miriam after the blessing, two beautiful ladies.


Deanne said…
You guys make a great family of 7! I love that first photo of you guys.
Brenny said…
I agree -- the first picture of your family is awesome. Looks like it was a great day.
Heatherlyn said…
What a wonderful day for you!

That would be so strange to multiply the number of people in your family so quickly. I guess that's what happens when you have multiple births at the same time! 7 is a good number. I officially started to lose my train of thought once our family got that big!
Congratulations!! I agree. The first picture is a splendid family photo.
-Ang said…
What a special 4th of July to remember!! The girls continue to gain adorableness!
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