Where do they come from?

Here we go again.  Why do kids have to know everything?  Why won’t they take the abstract answers we offer? 


Isaac:  Hey, where do little girls come from?

Mommy:  The same place as little boys, from Heaven.

Isaac:  But how do you get fat?

Mommy:  Because that’s where they grow, in my tummy.

Isaac:  But how?

Mommy:  When mommies and daddies get married they decide that they want to have babies.

Isaac:  So they go to the baby store after they get married?

Mommy:  Something like that.  Hey, do you want to watch a movie?

4 year olds…


mommymuse said…
Just send him to my house. Grace & Mia will gladly give him the WHOLE story. They loudly proclaim the facts of baby-making to any interested party. I'm sure we've destroyed the innocence of more than one child in the next aisle over at Target...
Natalie said…
Ha! I hate trying to answer those questions, especially when my kids just figure out the whole process without me telling them anything. I always use your tactic about asking them "well, where do YOU think they come from?" and it works wonderfully! Thanks for the great advice and good luck teaching Isaac about girls. :)
Mellissa said…
HAHAHAHA! I'm surprised he didn't ask you how they COME OUT of your belly! Start thinking of answers now, it's bound to happen. Oh, but the c-section answer is so much easier.
Deanne said…
We're getting those kinds of questions too. It's so hard to know exactly how to answer them.

I'll be checking back often to see what you have to say to your little guys...then maybe I'll be better equipped with answers for my little ones.
Johnson Family said…
I LOVE it!! My 5 year old tells me that I have to eat a lot to have a baby. Isn't it fun.

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