Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you see?

Every morning, after I finally find one of the 3 shirts that still fit me and put it on, I look at my reflection in the mirror and compare myself to the fruit that best matches the color of shirt I’m wearing.  For instance, today I look like a gigantic plum.  Yesterday, in my black shirt and skirt, I looked like an eggplant, and the day before I looked like a Granny Smith apple on steroids.  I don’t know if this comparison is natural or if it just happens automatically, kind of like the various results one gets when taking a Rorschach inkblot test. 

imageimage image

Dr. Minivan:  Focus Becky, what do you see on this card today? 

Becky:  Two kumquats exchanging burp-pads and tossing their pacifiers into a pool.

Dr. Minivan:  Uh-huh.  What do you see in this one?

Becky:  A cotton-poly textured watermelon, the size of cow, sitting in a full lotus posture.  The cows legs seem to be asleep and she seems to be mooing for help.

By the results of these tests, you can probably guess that I’m still pregnant.  The eyes of kids whose heads meet the level of my belly, still bulge when they see the giant orb coming their way.  All three of my boys are, on a daily basis, bonked in the head if we happen to pass in the hallway.  They’re used to these assaults but I can hardly wait to have the power to suck-it-in again.  We are all getting excited to meet the new baby sisters and I’ve even heard Reed tell others how he’s got to learn how to change a diaper now. 

Becky:  So, Dr. Minivan, what do you see in this picture?

Dr. Minivan:  Ketchup mashed into carpet, a chicken nugget stuck between to carseats, and a straw flying toward the driver’s head.

Becky:  Uh-huh.


panamamama said...

Chin up! You made me smile this morning remembering the belly bumps on the kids' heads when I was pg. :)

Melissa said...

They will be here soon! I was going to say, "At least you can get a few more nights of sleep before your sleep is constantly interrupted". But, I am sure that this is not the case! I am still amazed this is your second time carrying twins. You are awesome!

Julie Moore said...

HILLARIOUS! You made me laugh out-loud. That was truly witty :-)!! I was at that point just a year ago--but with all the sleep-deprivation, it feels like hundreds of years ago!! I'm so excited for your family! Babies are, as you know, a touch of heaven!! I hope all goes well. Please keep us posted :-). Julie Moore

Julie Moore said...

I had no idea you were carrying twins---AGAIN!! We have a sweet couple in our ward that have two sets of twins--just 2 years apart. I respect you all--and don't know HOW on earth you do it!! I whine when I'm up all night with one! You're AMAZING!! I 'll be praying for you!

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