Plogging along…

My blog as of late has turned into a pregnancy journal.  Instead of a “blog,” from the term “web log,” I should start calling it my “plog” from “pregnancy log.”

Dear Pregnancy Diary,

Apparently, I am the poster child for how to do twins.  Every visit to the OB and the perinatologist ends in congratulatory pats on the back and way-to-goes.  At 35 weeks, everything and everyone is in their right place, swimming in the correct amount of fluid and, shall I delicately say, the door remains shut.  For this, I get to wait for 3 more weeks to have these girls, putting their c-section/birth date on May 13th, a Thursday.  Pregnant at 38 weeks with twins is not a pretty site and if I were a few inches shorter, I’d most likely end up in a wheel chair.  My first set of twins came at 36 weeks only because my blood pressure was high and after two days of an attempted induction, the whole thing ended in a c-section.  Like I said, the door remains shut on this bearer of twins.  Thankfully, I live in the time that I do, where one can have a quick 6 inch incision and pop, out come the babies.  In my last c-section, the doctor asked if I’d like him to straighten the last c-section line as it was slightly crooked.  This time I’d like to have a little nip and tuck if we’re going for aesthetics.

Besides being uncomfortable, I must admit that I’m a bit impatient to meet these beautiful girls.  I’m not sleeping anyway, so I might as well have someone to talk to while I’m up.  Who knows, I may change my twin-bearing poster child ways and actually go into labor on my own before the “due date.”


etosamoe said…
Since you are the "poster child" - Can I get a life-sized poster for my office?


Rebecca said…
Oh Becky! Sorry you have to wait longer! But glad they are healthy!
Mellissa said…
I want to see these girls!!! Two sets of twins, sheesh!
Brenny said…
It is great that things are going so well. I guess I missed the announcement that they were girls -- congratulations! Especially since that means you won't have 5 boys...
Heatherlyn said…
It's like you were built to have twins or something. ;) I'd take the nip and tuck ... I bet you get pretty stretched out! But you are going to birth beautiful smart lovely girls so it's all worth it!!!
I found your link on Brenda Rencher Casey's blog and have, sheepishly, been following you for months now!! Congrats on EVERYTHING!! Oh, by the way, this is Heather Charles Woodfield from our old "BYU" operator days!!! I love reading your blog and catching up with you!! I make my husband read it as well, since you are so funny and insightful!! I love and miss you! Come and see us some time up here in Bear Lake!! Good luck with the girls!! I have 3-though no twins!!! They're fun and a lot more subdued then our little boy. I don't know how you do it with 3!! You're my hero! Sorry for all of the stalking!

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