Giggle: a silly, spasmodic laugh; titter

Five Sights and Sounds that make me giggle…

1.  Large men on mopeds:  Whenever I see it, I instantly start hearing polka music being played on an accordion in my mental background.  I’m not sure if I imagine the sound because the image goes so perfectly, but it happens every time. 

2.  Words like:  This may reveal my immature nature, but here they are.

pupa:  an insect in the nonfeeding, usually immobile, transformation stage between the larva and the imago.

carbuncle:  the nice and more modern definition of this word would be a zit, but it gets worse than that.

peevish:  cross, querulous, or fretful

bumfuzzle:  to confuse or fluster

diphthong:   an unsegmentable, gliding speech sound varying continuously in phonetic quality but held to be a single sound or phoneme and identified by its apparent beginning and ending sound, as the oi-sound of toy or boil.

coccyx:  a small triangular bone forming the lower extremity of the spinal column in humans, consisting of four ankylosed rudimentary vertebrae.

masticate:  to chew

uvula:  the small, fleshy, conical body projecting downward from the middle of the soft palate.

A few more…



Uranus (no safe way to pronounce that one)  It was temporarily named Georgium Sidus after King George the III, meaning Georgian Planet.  That one a much more innocent ring to it, don’t you think?

3.  Dinner time conversations with my kids:  Tonight, while eating his eggs, toast, and broccoli, Douglas asked how often people died from poisoned food (I don’t think he was talking about this particular dinner).  We explained that usually when it happens it’s not on purpose, that either the food wasn’t cleaned properly or the meat wasn’t prepared correctly.  Then Chris said that intentional poisoning don’t really happen any more.  Then I remembered the guy who was running for president in Ukraine and how he’d been poisoned by the Russians.  After that, there was a whole list of intentional poisonings we were able to recollect, all of which were performed by the Russians.  In the end, I reassured him that I would never poison his food, yes even if he thought it tasted worthy of the word.

4.  Listening to my kids giggle

5.  Really short ladies driving huge SUVs.

What makes you giggle?


Welch Mom said…
Well, I guess you would laugh at me driving Robb's car, as it is an SUV that has a lift and bigger tires put on it. Believe me I hate climbing in and out, and yes I do get looks when I hop out!
Natalie said…
Little kids riding tricycles and big wheels makes me giggle because it's so darn cute to see how fast those tiny legs have to move to get the vehicle going. Also, I too think those words are hilarious (no wonder we're friends; we're both immature!) as well as your blog. I love the way you write! :)
panamamama said…
Awesome! I will always hear the polka music now.

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