Monday, March 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby

IMG_3556 [640x480] Vroom, vroom!  Our first Pinewood Derby!  Reed’s is the red and white striped one and Douglas’ is the red with blue flames on it.  He wanted to name it “flamer” but I discouraged such a name after I was able to wipe away the tears and breath once more, then I suggested, “blue fire.”  He liked it.

IMG_3541 [640x480]

IMG_3544 [640x480]

They had the coolest track!  All of the race times were put into a computer and then displayed on a projector for instant results.


IMG_3547 [640x480]Watching the cars race.   

IMG_3550 [640x480]


Douglas ended up with the award for “Best Workmanship” and Reed for “Coolest Weight Placement” along with the best orange drink mustache.  That stuff is nasty!  It tastes just like that stuff the doctor gives you for the blood glucose test, ick!  We all had a great time and now know what we’re up against for next year.  Time to do a little bit of research and talk to some pro derby dudes.


Deanne said...

So fun! Those are some great looking derby cars.

Welch Mom said...

Cute post and yes good thing you did not let him name his car flamer. You saved him a lot of embarrassment later.:)

Melissa said...

Great job boys! Those are some cool cars!

Rebecca said...

How fun! That is actaully something I look forward to doing with my boys. Those cars were seriously awesome. I can picture your husband working on them with the boys and being more proud than the boys-is that how it happened?

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