On ice

Even with the time change the boys still got up early today.  I slept in as best I could for a Sunday morning and had a lovely bowl of Honeycomb while the boys played downstairs.  Isaac finally made his way upstairs, having spent the morning watching Follow Me Boys, the Disney movie about boy scouts, with his brothers.  Lately, he’s been trying to prove that he’s “older” by watching whatever movie his 8 year old brothers are watching even if he doesn’t like it.  Follow me Boys would definitely fall under that category. 

IMG_3579 [640x480]Chris had just gotten home from his meetings when Isaac came upstairs in a bit of a ticked-off mood.  I was in my room trying to get ready for church when Isaac was in this emotional state.  He came to the top of the stairs, walked straight to the kitchen, up to the refrigerator, opened the freezer door and put Luke Skywalker on the shelf.  He then said, “I don’t want anyone to take him out of the freezer, ever!”   You see, Luke’s been living on the 3rd shelf of the freezer for the past month now, right in front of the non-fat ice cream and the beef and bean burritos.  image He’s quite fine as he’s dressed in his Hoth (snowy ice planet) attire, but while Isaac sees him as wearing a coat and fit for such temperatures, I keep seeing another victim put on ice for some crime against “the family.”  The reason for Isaac’s mood was the fact that his removal was a repeat offense for which he has lectured us all already.  Thus, this wasn’t the first time a rescue effort had been made on Luke’s behalf.  His brother Reed, obviously acting in the role of Han Solo, keeps taking Luke out of the freezer, and Isaac, making sure “the guys” are in the location that their attire says they’re dressed for, keeps putting him back.  Isaac, spending most of the day with “the guys” while his brother’s are in school, feels a certain ownership over them and also feels that he knows best about their rolls in this world.  Some are permanently “bad guys,” some are always in jail, some belong in the dirt of my potted plants, and at least one belongs in the freezer.  Once we figure this out I’m sure we’ll be at peace with the predestination of plastic action figures.  If these figures want a change, they will have to gain animation and learn to adopt an existential philosophy on their own and inform Isaac of their wishes. 

Yes, these toys do play a much larger role in our lives than one would think they should.  This is why I’ve already started looking for lodging for some uncertain date where pink padding is the interior wall treatment of choice.


Brenny said…
I'm at work and had to stop reading because I could barely keep my laughter to myself. I do believe I let a 'PFFPSSTT' escape. Hilarious.
Johnson Family said…
I love it. Thank you for sharing with us all.
Heatherlyn said…
OR the toys have to figure out a way to change their outfits. If someone gives Luke a towl and some sunscreen can he spend sometime outside for a bit? :)
Natalie said…
That is so funny! Isaac has the best imagination of any kid I've met.
Melissa said…
I agree with Isaac, he's in his Hoth gear, so he belongs in a cold place!
Oh boys boys, so much fun. Thanks for sharing that sweet story of the baby boy surviving the drowning. :)

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