My husband, Chris, sent me this link to an interview on the Today show with the Staker family.  It’s a miraculous story worth hearing.  Chris had served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ukraine from 1994-1996 and served as a missionary companion with baby Bronson’s father, Matt.  Make sure you have a tissue on hand.  Also check out their blog which documents their experience and its many miracles.


Today Show Interview


Staker Family Blog:



Mama Kat said…
I read about this on their blog! It was so heartbreaking and I'm SO glad it had a happy ending!! I didn't know they were on the Today show though!
Heatherlyn said…
I couldn't read through their blog because everything was centered. Which is OK for one post at a time but I just can't wrap my eyes around a LOT of that. I'm curious though now!

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