Haru and Haiku

image Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

3.) Write a Haiku that describes what you love about an ordinary day. 

(To do this correctly, and beautifully, is harder than it seems, at least for me).

The tales he could tell

ev’ry one a swishing wag

From wet nose to tail


The sun peeks over

wanting to see her shadows

just like yesterday

5.) Share some photos and stories as well as what you love about spring. 

PICT0001 [640x480]

cardinal - Copy [640x480]

I don’t really have any stories to go with my spring photos other than the general feeling I have every time I see little bits of green pushing their way out of the thawing ground.  It’s excitement, the kind that makes one giddy, bouncy, squeal-ish, and should one have a tail, it would definitely be wagged at an amazingly fast tempo.  It’s a time of year when 40 degrees Fahrenheit is nearly tropical and if the sun has so much as shot a ray on a piece of dormant grass, I am the one chasing it down for more.  In this most glorious of seasons, I could also be one of those caught outside talking to sleeping plants, nudging them, trying to rouse them and get them thinking about blooming and popping their herbal and pastoral joints back into place.

PICT0004 [640x480]

The coming of a Michigan spring storm.  Those clouds were amazing and let me tell you, thunderstorms in flat parts of this world are very different from the ones that climb over the mountains and surprise you.  One shot of lightening with it’s accompanying thunder clap keeps going and going.

Copy of 05-06-0019 [640x480]

05-06-0021 (Small)

Reed and Douglas in 2006 just before they awoke from their winter’s hibernation, growl.05-06-0022 (Small)

baby lamb1 [640x480]


free to roam - Copy

Isaac on our visit to Holland, MI in May of 2006.

IMG_2281 [640x480]

This yellow tulip is almost edible. 

IMG_2276 [640x480]

I love this tulip, can’t remember what kind it is, but it reminds me of that plant on The Little Shop of Horrors, too cool!


What funny pictures of your boys! TOO CUTE! Great haikus too! I would LOVE for you to come and see my haikus as well! Stopping by from Mamakats.
Heatherlyn said…
I'm excited for spring every year. I love the emergence of green ... too bad that so much of it is the weeds in my yard!!!

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