A + B = A+

baby bHere’s a shot of Baby B, or shall we call her Miss B?  Miss A was looking the other way during the camera shots.  I went to the doctor today and everything is going well and as far as moms carrying twins go, I got an A+.  See?  I do know my biology Mr. Whoever-it-was who gave me a C in high school, or at least my innards do.  We’re measuring at 29 weeks with Miss A coming in at 2 lbs. 13 oz. and Miss B at 2 lbs. 15 oz.  both are head up and facing each other, perfect for conversation and close enough that they can keep each other’s secrets without even an ultra-sound technician finding them out.  Secrets like who’s the one constantly stepping on mommy’s bladder or who keeps jabbing a finger into mommy’s old scars.  Girls.


Rebecca said…
You are hilarious as usual! Glad you are doing well. SO when do they come out?!
Ohh such fun-two girls! ( and DRAMA)
Melissa said…
I am glad you got an A+!
Deanne said…
Too funny. Ultrasounds are so fun. Glad you're hanging in there with your sense of humor in tact. =)
Welch Mom said…
See girls know how to converse from the start!
Heatherlyn said…
Ouch! Oh, the thought of twin girls is overwhelming to me. Will they like each other? Be best friends? Look alike? Different? One thing is for certain: they will be beautiful. :)

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