Why, oh why?

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge


4.) “Why do we watch them? Make fun of soap operas with a piece of writing.”

Mr. Mom quote where Jack gets addicted to soap operas:

(on the phone discussing a soap opera): It's gotta be Todd's. What...Tony's? Tony had a vasectomy. Waddya mean it didn't take!

imageThe first and only soap opera I ever watched was Santa Barbara.  We were visiting our cousins for the summer and my older cousin Maquel, no longer interested in playing with Barbies, invited me to sit with her and watch the show.  All it took was one episode of watching the Capwells make complete messes of theirs and other’s lives to be hooked.  image

Kelly had the worst luck with men, falling in love with one, sleeping with that one’s brother, getting pregnant with someone’s child, falling in love with one man and then discovering she was really dating his evil twin brother who then has the good brother killed.  I think there was a little unknown incest in the mix, a falling in love with her sister’s ex-husband, a few more lovers who were killed, one committal to a mental asylum, and then finally, the show got cancelled.  image The other two main soap stars, Eden and Cruz were pretty much the central characters around which most all things orbited.  Their relationship was one of love, social class tension, the question of do-I-release-the-fact-that-I-know-my fiancé’s mother-killed-her-own-son, to his fellow police officers?  Several postponements of their wedding, people falling and coming out of comas, finally a wedding, more crimes, then the inevitable divorce, etc., etc,. etc……

Alas, as Mr. Mom said while being lured against his better judgment into watching a soap opera, “why do people even watch this stuff?”  I don’t know, but fortunately for me I escaped the addiction and haven’t looked back.  Nobody’s life should be that “interesting,” and if one really lived like these people, we’d all be locked in an asylum with Kelly, as well as being heavily medicated, and most likely all ending up in comas.


Brenny said…
I must admit that I went through a 'Days of our Lives' phase in middle school. There was one particularly cute boy on the show (isn't it always about a boy?), but I don't even remember his name. All I know now is I can't stand drama. I get enough eminating from my 16 year-old.

So, I am on disk 17 of 'The Historian'. I think your librarian friend is right -- this book is more manageable as a book on CD. If I were reading it, I'd have put it aside ages ago. As it is, the book is so history laden that I find my mind wandering everytime they start talking about research topics. Yes, even those involving Dracula. Get to the action! I do like the story within a story within a story and the author has kept the tension high throughout.
Pamela said…
Okay, you just brought me waaaay back! I loved that part of Mr. Mom! What a great movie. I used to watch Ryan's Hope. My granfather was fanatical about soap operas and he barely spoke English!
Caren said…
I am not ashamed to admit it, I still watch "All My Children." It cracks me up, especially since it supposedly takes place in Pennsylvania, not too far from where I live right now. I find it hard to believe that anyone on the Main Line in PA has been thought dead for a year only to come back, stage a fake wedding and "surprise" her former husband who is in his 30s and now having an affair with a woman in her 60s as they run the other girl's former cosmetics company together... and that's jut the beginning. Got to love it, plus it keeps me running on the treadmill because I get inspired that a girl who's been dead for a year or a woman in her 60s can look that physically fit!

Have a great day!
Heatherlyn said…
I've watched an episode while getting dental work done at the dentist's office. It was a better alternative than trying to have a conversation with the person while they worked on my teeth!

I've never become addicted to soap operas ... but I don't mind reading about peoples' interesting lives when they blog about them!

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