A Momentous Event

My two oldest boys turned eight last month and were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just this past Saturday.  This was such a wonderful experience for them and for all those who drove far to be there. 

Baptism Feb. 2010 - Copy [640x480]

We are so proud of them and for the choice they’ve made.  It was funny watching the two of them.  Douglas was like a ball of wild energy hardly able to contain his excitement in the anticipation.  Reed was very solemn and took it all in with great seriousness.  Each reaction is so like their personalities in all they do.

Thank-you to all who came and the many of you who drove a long way to be with us.  We love you all!


Rebecca said…
Congrats Boys! That is so neat. I can't imagine having my kids get baptized-I bet it was really special.
Congratulations Douglas and Reed! I can't believe you are eight.
Heatherlyn said…
That is a fantastic birthday! Congratulations to them!
Jayne said…
Congrats, boys!! Oh....I remember when you were just wee ones in my arms. :-)
Welch Mom said…
Congrats to your boys! What a momentous occasion. I bet you were so proud.

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