The Cold-blooded vs. the Warm-blooded

I think I will be forever entertained by the complexity of my kid’s imaginations.  I just know when they look over these scenes of battle that it is live-action and that we adults are just too far removed from the world of imagination to see it.  Check out the carnage below as the army guys meet the dinosaurs.  I’m not sure on whose side the cow, horses, and tiger are on but they too seem to be surrounding the “Combat Carls.”

IMG_3514 [640x480]

IMG_3516 [640x480] Isaac said that the two dinosaurs on the left are on their way to eat condors.  Oh.

IMG_3517 [640x480] If you look closely at this scene, it is really quite grotesque.  I don’t thing any of these guys actually have their heads on but I do see them strewn about the battlements.

IMG_3519 [640x480]

IMG_3520 [640x480]

IMG_3511 [640x480]

This is Isaac being as scary as he can be, I was too charmed to shiver with fear as I took this picture. 


Heatherlyn said…
He has the best coloring. I would like skin like his!

Um, yes. The children are quite dramatic in their battle play, aren't they?
Natalie said…
I'm so glad you document these boyish processes so I know what I'm in for in a few more years. Your boys are so smart and funny and handsome! I'm sure you're thrilled to read my blog and realize that you should be preparing for loads of princess dress ups ans tea parties. :)

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