Haven’t had a sugar cookie since December 27th…

Finally, I’ve recovered from Christmas and am ready to display, in photo format, a glimpse of the festivities.  I say recovered because as an adult it seems to be part of the process with holidays and all the differently shaped facets that come with it, from decorating, mailings, pictures, cleaning, and much, much, more.

We had a very nice Christmas which is always the case when we get to visit with family, eat too many sugar cookies, and get spoiled beyond reason.  I’m sorry, if you were wanting to see any pictures of me you’ll just have to wait till I’m done being pregnant.  I don’t know why the photographer (Chris) kept taking pictures of me from the side, displaying in all its big-ness the belly and the extra chin every time.

If you want more details, those not included in the pictures, you’ll just have to email me as my head is at this moment completely stuffed with a cold, the symptoms reaching to the cracks in my brain thus clogging the extensive thought processes.  Hope you are all well and haven’t caught your 4 year old’s cold via snot kisses, yes, snot kisses.  How can you dodge a kiss from a four year old when it’s running at you so fast you don’t even notice the glistening trail that’s running out of his nose?  Anyone want a snot kiss?  Yummy!


Melissa said…
Cute pictures of some cute kids! I am glad you had a nice Christmas. I agree on the anti-picture taking while pregnant. I don't really want to remember what I look like when I am pregnant!

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