Happy Birthday to the Bear and the Burrito!


They have almost reached their finger counting limits and would have today if they had been born octopuses.  Good thing they have 2 more fingers and 10 more toes to go.  I ran out of digits a long time ago and have had to start using other peoples to compensate for going beyond the age of 20. That’s one extra reason to have kids, “son, bring me your feet, I’m turning 60 today!”

IMG_3471 [640x480]

IMG_3479 [640x480]

Instead of making two cakes again, I decided to just designate sides of the cake to each boy.  In the past I have been the one left home alone with the chocolate craving and a very satisfying stash.  No more, one cake, and everybody better get their fill.IMG_3491 [640x480]


Reed and Douglas got a bug maker from their friends Park and Case and here we see the makings of entomologists, a gooey back-up should paleontology seem too dry and dusty a subject.  It’s kind of a cool contraption where you squeeze out the goo into the molds, slide it into the horror-film version of the “easy-bake oven” and wait while they cook and solidify into wiggly creatures.

IMG_3492 [640x480]

Yesterday, we had a little party at Macdonald’s with all the girl cousins and 2 male friends to help even out the high pitched squeals of the girls.  The other favorite gifts they got were lock boxes from their aunt Erin.  They were so excited and no longer have a way of blaming their missing treasures on Isaac. 

Yet, again, I can’t believe they’re getting so old and growing up.  They still keep our life filled with laughter and joy.  The things they say and their perspectives on everything constantly surprise.  Happy Birthday Dougie-bear and Reedo-burrito!  Yes, some day they’ll be embarrassed over their nick names but we’ll keep using them just the same :)  (when they were babies, Douglas used to growl in his sleep, thus the bear, and Reed had to be wrapped up like a burrito in his blanket or else he’d constantly startle/wake himself up).


Melissa said…
Happy Birthday Douglas and Reed! They sure are cute boys!
Jayne said…
Wow! I remember when those guys were just little wee-ones! Speaking of which, have you driven them past their first home in Provo? Those were the good ol' days of cramming multiple pack-n-plays and swings into your little front room.
Heatherlyn said…
Cutest.Boys.Ever.!!!! Happy Birthday to them! It's so strange to have kids who are growing up!!!! When I pictured my life I never pictured grown-up kids and yet they are all on their way. Yours too! Everybodies! I just never imagined us all our parents' ages!!!!! Congrats on being such a wonderful Mom to such wonderfully developing growing up kids!
Rebecca said…
I can't believe they are eight! Happy Birthday boys! Cute baby pictures.
Deanne said…
Happy Birthday Boys! That bug maker sounds fun...maybe something worth looking into for Truman's next bday.
Welch Mom said…
Happy Birthday to 2 of the cutest boys I have met! Although I am sure they would cringe at this comment. So tell them I said the coolest.
Love the baby photo of the 2 of them!
Happy birthday to two of my coolest students ever, and of course my daughter's first boyfriend! You two are such handsome little men! Sorry it's late!!

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