Kiss me under the mistletoad!


I just love going to movies during the holidays and Christmas time is an especially fun time to go.  I tried really hard to be lazy today and going to see Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was a big part of achieving that goal.  What a delightful film!  Everyone, except for Isaac, enjoyed it.  Isaac’s complaint was that it was a “girl show,” though I still heard him laughing.  It had a wonderful story line, animation, humor, music, and  it even included a few important lessons for adults and children alike.  I totally recommend this “girl show” to anyone, even families with all male children like ours.


panamamama said…
My kids all loved it! (Even the boys!) I thought the Shadowman was scary, myself but they said it was "okay, mommy."
Anonymous said…
My son (7), got to watch this movie with his school on a field trip/treat right before Christmas break. He was thinking it was a "girl" show, too, but enjoyed it after all.
Heatherlyn said…
Everyone deserves a lazy day every so often!

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