i Love, i Adore, i Phone

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge


5.) Is your husband a gamer? Does your child have an obsession with dogs? (ahem) Does your friend talk constantly of her undying love for Edward? Write a poem to the item your loved one is obsessing over.


You have the shape that many men adore

You’re podded and angled, how much could you store?

He loves you, adores you, and holds you all day

His eyes, his attention, is yours if you stay.

The apps, the music, the shiny grey screen

Will hold him, enchant him, as if in a dream.

Ah, life is so fragile, and love but a whim,

When true it is not, a lie you are to him.

Should all power fail, all generators die,

You would not survive and I know he’d cry.

In time he’ll recover, the shaky hands will calm

My hand will replace you, my voice be his balm.

He will go on, survive, and eventually thrive

A fine coaster from you he may soon derive

Where on a fine table you will ever remain

To stop perspiring cups from warping the wood grain.

Yes, you tempting device sent from my enemy Apple

You shall not have him or we will soon grapple.

Your corners, your screen, will be but a dream

Of days long gone when you were his queen.

One flush, one drop from a very great height

Will be your end, so say Nighty-night!


Melissa said…
I love your poem! The last few lines are my favorite. We call Ladd's iphone his "mistress".
panamamama said…
Seems like many of our men are sharing that same "mistress!" I get so upset at my hubby for staring at his all the time!
I know it has NOTHING to do with this post, but CONGRATULATIONS on the twins!! Very excited for you!
I just was looking at the picture the Reed gave me of the two of them the other day. No matter girl or boy, they're going to be super cute !
Natalie said…
Bravissima! I love it and I'm emailing a copy of this to all of the Crackberries in my family. We have a few members who are CONSTANTLY goofing around with their iPhones. You are brillian!
Heatherlyn said…
HAHAHA!!! My husband oooed and aaaahed over his i-phone for like 2 months when he first got it!
Deanne said…
How funny! You are so creative. What a great poem!

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