“Charlie bit me”

This is one of my all time favorite youtube videos that I was just reminded of as my son sat watching one of his favorite cartoons, Charlie and Lola.  I kept pronouncing “Charlie” like this little boy does on the video clip and Isaac kept telling me not to.  Oh, well, to each their own imitation of a British accent.  Click here to see the video of "Charlie bit me."


Kate said…
This is my all time favorite! I watch it when I need a good laugh, which is a lot lately! Thanks for sharing!
I have never seen that video before. It's so cute!
OMG! That is my ABSOLUTE favorite video clip ever. Actually, I can't let myself watch it right now because I might have a coughing fit. LOVE Charlie!! :D
Heatherlyn said…
So cute! I loved having children those ages. Delightful!

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