Dear Dr. Minivan,

Are all pregnant ladies as tired as I am all of the time?  I feel like a cat, constantly on the lookout for a spot of sun-warmed carpet to curl up on and doze my day away.  The thing is, cats are nocturnal but I, if like a cat should be out looking for mice or bars of chocolate, am instead looking for a spot of moonlight to curl up and sleep in.  What is wrong with me?!  At this moment, I am forcing myself to stay awake and NOT lie down.  Do twins make one doubly tired?  I don’t think so, or at least my first set didn’t, but then I was also working full time and had no bed to lie on in my cubical.


Mrs. Sleep Like A Cat


Natalie said…
Dear Ms. Cat,

I have two words for you: DIET COKE! A nice, healthy dose of the good stuff is all that I could do to keep my eyelids even semi-open during those awful first months of pregnancy. Also, remember that dishes can wait to be washed, floors can wait to be vacuumed, and any problem that arises will still be around when you wake up from your nap. Sleep all you can and good luck. I am so excited for you!
Rebecca said…
So sorry Becky! I hope you do find a place to take a catnap! You need it.
Brenny said…
Ms. Cat now has three high energy boys that she didn't have the first time around. Give in! I would love to take and nap and knowing someone else is enjoying a few Zzzzzs would make me very happy.
Deanne said…
I say sleep now because once they come sleep will be much harder to come by!
AudreyO said…
When are they do? I remember loving my naps when I was pregnant. I don't know how moms with 3, 4 and even 5 do it.

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