“The wolf’s out of the bag now.”

imageJust got home from seeing New Moon.  I really liked it, and as a very big fan of the books, I still think they did a great job.  I feel that all critics should think about the restrictions that a VERY-popular-book-made-into-a-movie has to stick to, before casting a judgment.  How many fans of say Lord of the Rings, would have a major hissy fit if Frodo really didn’t look 50?  Oh, but if you stray even a hair from the original when it comes to the Twilight books, it had better be a very impressive and appropriate stray, lest you want to be devoured by werewolves or sucked dry by vampires.  Well, you never know, some might like that.  I really don’t think producers really believe that at least 80% of the fans would literally sit through a 6 hour, true to the book, version of each Twilight book.  Really, just give us a few potty breaks, but give it all to us, we’ll take it, and we’ll even pay more for the longer theater time it would take.  The screen writer of these movies has to be so careful to include all of the necessary things lest she receive hate mail, and I’m sure by now she’s probably grown a whole new weave of gray hair over the process.  I won’t say much more other than, the wolves were AWESOME, loved Voltera, and so much more!  Go watch it for yourself and beware of the squealing girls in the front row who nearly hyperventilate when Jacob takes off his shirt.


I will probably wait to see it on dvd since we don't go out for movies often, but I can't wait! I don't mind if the books and movies variate... it keeps it from being boring with everything EXACTLY the same.
-Ang said…
It WAS great -wasn't it?!!! I couldn't wait 'til later...I had to go to Thursday's 12:35am showing :D!!! Thank goodness we don't have to wait another full year for the next one!!
SOOOO AWESOME! I was one of those squealing ladies! I loved it! I am still paying the price from no sleep that night...sigh...oh well it was worth it. So if what I am reading...you are preggy? Congrats.
Natalie said…
Since I am still in the ebryonically enduced narcolepsy phase, I think I may have to catch the 11:00 a.m. matinee or wait until Red Box has a copy, but still...I cant wait to see it! I'm glad you liked it; that makes me believe I'll like it too. Yay for teenagers (their bodies are so much hotter than our 30-something versions!).
Heatherlyn said…
I agree that it is hard to turn a good book into a successful movie. I'd watch the 6 hour version! :)

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