Silk sheets & dinner parties…

Thanksgiving was as fattening as ever and the company just as entertaining as ever. I’m still digesting, well, that might be because I haven’t stopped eating leftovers since this morning. I love sweet potatoes!!! At this time of year, that of get-to-gethers, parties, dinners, and family sleep-overs our lives are filled with excitement and indigestion. Chris found this hilarious article which totally reminded me of this time of year. Click the icon below to view this hilarious article. (You'll have to click on the download link when the site opens)

I don’t know anyone as completely crazy as these people but there are bits of these characters that can be seen in everyone I know including myself, no offense intended ;). Love you all and hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

p.s. if you can't open this link, let me know and I can email it to you, provided I have your email address.


Leslie said…
Hey Becky!! what an adorable family you have!! I have 4 boys!!! YIKES they sure are loud and keep us busy don't they?! :) you look just beautiful! great blog!! :)
Rebecca said…
so funny~I loved that article. I am glad I dont' have those kinds of problems.
Natalie said…
Those sweet potatoes look divine; I've never tried mine with sage (that's what it is, right?). I'm a huge fan of the veggie, too, so maybe we can swap recipes sometime. Happy late Thanksgiving!
I love sweet potatoes, too. I like them mashed, baked, cooked with marshmallows, you name it.
Heatherlyn said…
I love Thanksgiving leftovers!!! Love them!

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