More than meets the eye, or film.

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

5.) Show us something you did yourself!

Well, I didn’t actually do it, God did, I just happened to catch it on film to remember it.  Though, there’s more to the memory than the photograph.  There are memories of the cool air, the clean crisp smells of grasses, dirt, and running water, and the sound of squawking peacocks  and guinea hens in the distance.  There’s the memory of running around with my nieces, my sister and her husband, taking pictures of them and laughing as the girls took off squealing and laughing on a 4-wheeler.  How would you have known there was so much to one photograph of grass in front of a sunset?


Heatherlyn said…
Beautiful! I try to capture the beauty of nature or of a moment in a photograph but seldom succeed.
Beautiful! I love these kind of pictures!
Yes Becky!! I heard about the 2 additions to your family!! TWINS again!! That is so crazy! How exciting to have twins again! Crazy, but exciting! This time around will be easy cause you're a pro :) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to find out what you are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous photo!
Mama Kat said…
So pretty! Sometimes I have to remind myself to step back and appreciate God's work like this. Thank you!

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