Finally, “I’m older!”

IMG_2785 [640x480]

When his older brother’s started school three weeks ago, Isaac was somewhat disappointed to learn that his school didn’t start until September.  “But I’m older,” he would say, and didn’t understand this school districts need to start school the week before Labor Day (and neither did I).  Thus, the first day of preschool began on a Friday, yesterday, and he LOVED it!

IMG_2781 [640x480] In the spare 2 1/2 hours I now have to myself, not that Isaac was a bad companion, I can now more easily do alone some of my more boring errands like oil changes, Dr. appointments, grocery shopping, or whatever other errands he hasn’t yet told me that he absolutely detests.  I sure love my boy but am so happy that he gets to socialize with kids his own age and prepare for Kindergarten.  He was somewhat disappointed when I told him he couldn’t bring his Luke Skywalker action figure but totally forgot about the old Jedi when he saw all of the castle toys and trains in his new school.  Don’t worry, he came home and gave Luke the attention worthy of a son of Darth Vader, and I think he might have even told him all about his day, from snack time to a bunny he made entirely of circles and ovals.  I bet Luke didn’t know what those shapes were until Isaac told him as he maintained that same blank stare that he always has.


Rebecca said…
Yeah! That is fun for him and nice for you. School is great.
Heatherlyn said…
What a cute boy! I love the brown-eye blond-hair combination.

My littlest is in preschool now too twice a week. It is nice to have some uninterrupted time to plan errands. And I'm happy he's growing up because that is exciting for him. I still miss my little little boy though, and I probably always will. So I think I can relate to your post pretty well. :)
Melissa said…
What a cute preschooler! I am jealous of your time to run the boring errands alone-that is the one thing I do not like about homeschooling-everybody goes everywhere with me!
Natalie said…
He just gets more handsome every day! I can't believe he's old enough to be in preschool (I remember when he was a newborn!) and I'm sure glad you get to have a smidgen of time to yourself.
Brenny said…
School is great! I bet the time you have while he is there is very well spent. I'd squander it with reading and other self indulgent things I rarely get to do anymore. :)

Because I have to relay this to someone, and you happened to mention Luke Skywalker, I knew you were just the person. I overheard the craziest conversation at work this morning. One of my managers was telling some of my co-workers that he is making his daughter watch all the Star Wars movies. He seriously said it like he was helping her understand an important part of pop culture and how it made him who he is today. It wasn't until someone asked him which movie he was on that the truth came out -- he said they just finished watching the one where they blew up the Battlestar Galatica. I'm not even kidding. How do you miss that it is called 'The Death Star'? Is it bad that I now think less of him?
So cute! I can't believe how big he is getting. Probably my favorite part about the picture (besides his handsome self) is his game over t-shirt. Rock on, Isaac!
Melisa said…
Yay for mommy time! :o)


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