“Get me out of this stinkin’ fresh air!” (not really)

We camp because we fish and we fish because we camp.  Yes, it’s that logical.  Just today, I found a long forgotten suitcase containing the remaining cloths from our trip to Fish Lake.  I was positive before finding this bag that I had once had more cloths.  I was correct in my thinking only this collection still harbored the smell of campfire smoke, fish, and something like mint Rolaids, I think.  We had a great trip and after a day and a half I think we finally acclimated to the 8,500-ish foot elevation.  Good times!  Thanks dad for organizing this trip for us all!

IMG_2679 [640x480]

IMG_2685 [640x480]

IMG_2681 [640x480]  IMG_2684 [640x480]

IMG_2688 [640x480]

IMG_2697 [640x480]

Lots of waiting and chanting of “here fishy-fishy-fishy-fishy” in subdued yet hypnotic tones.

IMG_2704 [640x480]

IMG_2706 [640x480]

IMG_2703 [640x480]

IMG_2723 [640x480]I meant to have more pictures but after the second day I just kept forgetting to bring it.  Sorry, we just need more photo documenters in the family.


Melissa said…
How fun! Those pictures make me want to go on a real camping trip! We went all the time when I was little, but I am married to someone who's idea of camping is going to a "cabin" in Big Bear that as an inside jacuzzi and cable TV. So, our tent camping is usually for one night and NO fishing is involved!
Heatherlyn said…
You caught something! Fun! Kids love camping. I think they love it way more than parents! But it is certainly great family bonding time!
Rebecca said…
Such fun. We love camping! Issac is getting so old!
Welch Mom said…
Don't you just love the smell of fish in the morning, and the evening, and a week after?

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