Do punch stains make me look older?

Isaac enters the world of Four.  This is a belated update on Isaac turning four as he managed to do it last month. We’ve been having so much fun that mommy kept forgetting to put the pictures from the camera onto the computer.  Within minutes of acknowledging that he was “older”, he had new expectations as to what he should be able to do.  When he realized that mommy hadn’t signed him up for swimming lessons with his older brothers, he said with his big brown tear filled eyes, “but I’m older now.”  I still feel guilty that I didn’t sign him up too, but will certainly do it next time as I am such a sucker for those eyes of his.  One benefit that he has discovered by being older is that he gets to go to preschool!  I’m so glad he’s “older!”


mommymuse said…
Awww, happy birthday Isaac! What a cute boy :)
Heatherlyn said…
Wow. Preschool and swimming lessons. They do grow up fast! And yes, the brown eyes are so manipulative! I'd do anything for those dark brown eyes (as long as they are not accompanied by whining in the voice. :) )
Melisa said…
Yay for preschool!!!
bebe said…
Beautiful cake. Did you make it?

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