A Brady Bunch Reunion

(a couple of highlights from the weekend)


Scanning the crowd of 70 plus people, Douglas asked, with an air of amazement and a large swoop of the arms, “Are all of these people related to us?”  Indeed they were, for we were at a family reunion.  As far as “all” goes, I was told that this group wasn’t even half of what could have been there if all members had made a greater effort to reunite.  It’s hard though,especially when you live so far away and when, as a married-into-the-family member, you find you only recognize half of the people there and know only an eighth of that half’s names.  At least this time I tried to get a good look at faces so that I could, should I spot them in a line-up, or at a Maverick gas station on our way out of town, recognize them.  Unfortunately, that particular relative I saw at the gas station happened to still be on the only visually- recognizable’s list.  Ah well, there’s always next year.

On after-school entertainment:


After-school TV watching time…well, it’s usually just dvds as we use a digital antenna for anything live.  As a result we’ve got about 8 channels, 4 of which are in Spanish.  One of the English language channels is KBYU which plays a lot of religious programs along with family friendly entertainment.  Since it seems most of what is made today isn’t so clean, this station has had to dig into the archives, pulling up things from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.  So, on Friday, after the boys got done watching something like Arthur, I heard that old familiar haunt, the Brady Bunch theme music:  “Here’s the story of a lovely lady…” (AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! help.).  All it took was about 10 seconds of that before Douglas ran into my room and threw himself prostrate onto my bed.  There was no weeping or wailing or gnashing of teeth but there was one adorably spooked face that looked pleadingly at mine while saying, “The weirdest show just turned on in there!  Could you please change it?”  It might have been the tune, the boxed in kids, or the hair and cloths style, but whatever it was, it scared my poor boy and had to be stopped.


Melissa said…
I didn't know The Brady Bunch was a Horror flick, but I can see how it can be scary to a 21st century kid!
Natalie said…
Your family reunion experience sounds like mine each year and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't even remember all the names of my 77 first cousins (some of my cousins are younger than my own kids, for crying out loud!). I'm so happy you survived, and yeah...old T.V. shows are so bizzare to kids of this century!
Brenny said…
Classic. and I am convinced the same thing will happen when kids in the future see Hannah Montana.
Heatherlyn said…
How funny that the Brady Bunch spooked him!!!

I sometimes wish that there were enough family to be able to attend a large family reunion, organized by someone else and where I don't even know half of the people. Even though my husband has 7 siblings and they get together for a camping trip once a year we know them all well enough that there is no novelty in it. Maybe in 2 generations if everyone keeps getting together there will be a reunion like the one you attended.
Welch Mom said…
I made Cole watch Mister Roger's Neighborhood today. He kept asking me who that was and were he was going. It was all very confusing for him. It is such a good feeling to know your alive!
Julie said…
I loved (and still like) the Brady Bunch growing up. But it is true that todays kids live in a different world. In fact when my boys are behaveing badly I tell them if they don't stop I'm going to make them watch it.

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