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3.) Tell us about Grandpa

IMG_2464 [640x480] As a child, when my Grandpa H. would come to visit he’d always get my room because I had a double bed.  I didn’t mind and thought it was fun, at that age, to sleep on the couch.  The funny thing is, every time he’d stay he would leave me a few dollars on my dresser as payment for staying in my room.  He’s the kind of person who would do anything for a person if it was in his power to do it.  I think he’s 94 or 95 now and he still gives the best and tightest hugs.  I remember him once trying to help me with my math homework.   As a mathematician, he already thought in the language of numbers and so when he tried to help my numeral-ly challenged brain, it was like shooting 50 miles over the target.  I was still learning my letters while he was trying to teach me how to say a complex sentence in German, Italian, and Japanese. If x is Japan, y is Germany and z is Italian, how many years will it take you to learn pig-latin in Turkistani?   I thanked him for helping me but just went back to what the book was unsuccessfully trying to teach me.  I love him a ton and am so blessed to have an example like him in my life.  A great man, my grandpa.


Beautiful tribute, neat girl!
Sitterud Family said…
I love grandpas!!! your gramps sounds so cute!! That was a cute post.
So how are you guys doing these days? Your posts are always so funny I love to keep up with you on these things!
Heatherlyn said…
Oh! My parents pay my kids a couple of dollars when they use their bedrooms for a visit. And the kids think it is the most wonderful thing ever to make beds on the floor and sleep in our room. I hope that my children write kindly about them as you've just done of your grandpa!
Unknown Mami said…
He sounds like such a wonderful man.

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