Summer Activites

IMG_2610 [640x480]

Swimming with Rhi and many a kiddo.

IMG_2615 [640x480]


Evening conversations during dinner and just after:

Conversation 1:

Douglas:  How much could you eat before you threw up?

Chris:  A whole pizza and three cans of pop in 20 minutes.

Douglas:  Woah!  I hope I can do that some day!

Conversation 2:

Reed:  Where are there the most helicopters? 

Chris:  Helicopter city?

Reed:  Can we find that on Google Maps?

Synopsis of Conversation 3:

Douglas, while browsing the instant play on Netflix, asked if he could watch New Moon.  Chris told him that it wasn’t even in the theater yet.  After hearing their conversation, Reed informed Douglas in his I-know-something-that-you-don’t voice, that it wouldn’t be out until November 20th.  Should my 7 year old boys know that much information on this series?  Of course!  At least I know how much of my conversation and obsession is spilling over to my children’s understanding of their mother’s character.


Summer pictures…

IMG_2651 [640x480]

These were lit on the 6th of July, a little late as we were watching some of the big ones on the 4th.

IMG_2622 [640x480]

The tomatoes have been grown for Chris, I will have no part of them other than watching him eat them up.

IMG_2625 [640x480]Blueberries!

IMG_2627 [640x480]

  What goes on in my garden…

IMG_2631 [640x480] Rub-a-dub-dub three boys in the tub.  Time to upgrade?


Deanne said…
That last picture with the boys in the pool is priceless! I love all of them crammed in there. They don't seem to mind too much though.
Heatherlyn said…
I love your still-life fruit pictures!!!! The boys in the tub is way too precious!!! And it is very great that they know when the Twilight release date is. I don't think I knew it was in November. :)
Good job on your garden! I have a tomato plant and basil plant only for now,Just got 2 tomatoes yesterday. Hannah loves watering it so she is a part of the experience too. I need to work on garlic, cilantro and oregano. The fruit will have to come later:) Cute pics of the boys in the pool too ♥
Rebecca said…
Yea I guess it is time for an upgrade-cute picture though! We still miss your awesome family- do you get tired of hearing that?!
mommymuse said…
Hahaaaa! I think my favorite is Chris setting the standard for the eat/puke record for youthful aspirations....that's so funny! Gotta have something to aim for :). Super cute pic of the boys in the tub. Was that their weekly moment of sitting-quietly & getting-along?
Brenny said…
The boys seem content in the little pool -- I don't think you have to upgrade yet... Loved the throw-up conversation. Boys are the best.
Melisa said…
I love how Chris is contributing to the conversations. LOL!

Great job growing produce! I'm super impressed! And awesome photog skills!

haha! Love to pool picture. Yes, time for an upgrade. ;o)

Natalie said…
What adorable boys you have, and now that Isaac is potty-trained, WAHOO! What an accomplishment. I'm terrified for Rex's experiences with the toilet. I love your garden photos and will be calling you for growing tips in the near future. The bluberries look divine. My kids are nearly as in-tune to Twilight at yours; every time we see a movie poster, they scream out, "I see Edward the Vampire! He's so HOT!" It's not at all embarassing. He he.

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