Freckles and Fancy Feet

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge…


5.)List your 7 most favorite summer items!

1. Plastic Sandals- my favorite purchase from Hawaii, bringing comfort to my feet and constant memories of one of my favorite vacations.

2. Tall glass with the lemon picture on it- the bearer and giver of ice cold drinks, meant to quickly cool and delight an overheated mama.

3. My brown broad-rimmed hat- Gives great shade while aiding in my attempt to stop my freckles from merging into one body sized freckle.

4. Nail polish- a gift from my sister.  I now have one bottle of nail polish, a warm red color that reminds me of a brightly painted door on a beach house surrounded by white sand while opening onto a view of the Mediterranean sea.

5. Patio furniture- Mesh patterned iron table and chairs, with a large green umbrella.  An excellent backyard comfort for watching the kids play in the sprinklers, the kiddie pool, and the slip and slide. A pure joy for me while I leisurely sit with my book, diet coke, and my polished toes, who are glamorously elevated on the neighboring chair.

6.  The hose- the magical creator of cool water which, with it’s magnificence, fills pools, sprays off hot kids, and patiently sits under the trampoline with a sprinkler head attachment, making the hot black surface bearable to jump on in July.

7.  Air conditioner…does one need to elaborate on one of the best inventions ever?!  “Next to the walkman and Tab…” the air conditioner is the best invention of the 20th century.  (I don’t really know when they were invented but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of those long forgotten Roman or Greek things, like indoor plumbing).


Nice list. Makes me jealous I can't join in on the trampoline/sprinkler fun!
Heatherlyn said…
What a perfectly lovely summer list! I need a good broad-rimmed hat!
Natalie said…
Becky...nail polish?! I'm so impressed. :) I agree with every single item on your list and reading made me feel like I was in a commercial for some wonderful vacation spot far away...
Unknown Mami said…
I gotta go with the AC!

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