Flies go to the Opera


Isaac:  Look, I have two dead bugs

Mommy:  Oh, why don’t you flush them down the toilet? (the 3 boys have an obsession with whirlpools thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean and Myth Busters)

Isaac:  No!  They’re nice and one sings.

Mommy:  But they’re dead.

Isaac:  But they’re nice (and slowly walks out of the room with his two new decomposing friends.  I wish Reed and Douglas would befriend him a bit more).


Heatherlyn said…
Ahhh, but I have a post that I need to make about my son's pet fly. Granted, the thing was alive.

And then my Dad told me he had a mission companion who would catch flies and use a hair from his head to make a fly leash and then keep the fly on a leash as the fly flew around (until the fly strangled itself from pulling on the leash too much). He says the guy turned out to be perfectly normal ... :)
Holly and Kevin said…
You should write children's books or something.

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