Stopping by to say “hi dad!”

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(back) Linda, Gary, Nancy (front) Grandma H., Grandpa H. and Mary

We spent Father’s Day in St. George en route to our vacation in So. California and got to visit with my grandparents on both sides and some aunts and uncles.  We were treated to a delicious dinner prepared by those wonderful aunts before we drove off into the sunset and it was a hundred times better than the Burger King meal we were expecting/dreading on our drive.

We gave Chris a Star Trek glass with Capt. Kirk on it and a “Utah” In-n-out shirt, which when seen by a Californian on our trip nearly made him cross his chest as if warding of some unexpected evil.  Yes, how sacrilegious of them to go outside of California or Nevada.  Well, we’re grateful no matter how great the sin. 

We managed to get in a swim in Grandpa and Grandma P.’s pool which was a great wiggle remover after 5 hours in the car.

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Rebecca said…
Fun. Wow Issac is looking so much older!
Heatherlyn said…
It must be so nice to have been able to visit with your family! And your boys are so handsome!

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