Lift me like that!

“Velcro. Next to the Walkman and Tab it is the coolest invention of the 20th century!”  (Girls Just want to have Fun)

Girls just want to have fun

Let me substitute “Velcro” with “Christi” in this quote.  My most rockin’-est friend from my early days of high school and banana clips to my now totally chic friend of the 21st century, just sent me the movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun in the mail.  I quickly opened it, squealed with glee, waited for my husband to take the boys to baseball, and then danced into my room and put it on!  I’ve still got the music in my head and I also have this incredible desire to wear pink, glitter, and a ton of aerosol hairspray.  dancetv

My husband Chris walked in near the end and watched the dance off with me.  He saw a move where Jeff lifts Janey in the air and her whole body is pointed upward and then says, “that’s what that girl wanted me to do with her!”  Apparently, back in Chris’ high school years, there was a girl at a dance that wanted Chris to lift her like that and just tonight he got the grand epiphany as to where the girl got it from and why she kept calling him Jeff (no, I don’t think that last part actually happened, did it?)  jeffIf I asked him to lift me like that now, I’d have to have 911 on the line already, just in case.  


Brenny said…
Such a great movie -- the dance competition in the middle is great, too. I used to love it when Jeff swung around the poll... and when they first train they are trying to out do each other.

I also remember Helen Hunt's teeth -- she has a gap in that movie, right? I always thought it was so weird that they hired an actress with bad teeth. Not that I mind or anything, I just don't think it'd happen nowadays. Things were definitely different in the 80's...
Melissa said…
I want to be on Dance TV! I love those dance movies from the 80s.

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