Monday, June 8, 2009

Han and Leia on a Cheap Date

image In an attempt, and a successful one at that, to be frugal, we went to our local library on Saturday and saw Star Wars:  A New Hope (IV).  They passed out Tootsie Pops as snacks, of which Isaac ate at least 4.  It was really fun seeing this Star Wars on a bigger screen and with surround sound but I never realized until that showing how whiny Luke really was.  After his uncle tells him to clean up the droids, or something like it, Luke complains:

“But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”

It was said in the nasal high pitch of a teenage boy but I guess it could also be comparable to the reaction I’d get after asking my boys to clean their rooms:

“But I was going outside to pick up some rocks for my flying saucer converters!”


“But I was going into my room to pick up Yuke Skywalker and Buzz Yightyear!” (Isaac is still struggling with his “L”s)

image Who knows, I may have three Jedi’s on my hands in few whiny years.  I’d better pull down the light sabers and let them get to their training (I keep having to hide their light sabers as there is sometimes too much of the dark side in their manner of fighting).


Brenny said...

Luke is SO whiny in 'A New Hope'. Isn't it in this movie, too, when Luke is all sad and says something about missing Obe Wan when Leia is right there. I swear Luke totally has this look like he did it intentially just to manipulate her into hugging him. Little teenage whiny manipulator.

I love you Luke Skywalker! (Just in case he reads this comment)

Johnson Family said...

I can't tell you how true it is in our house with lightsabers as well. Even as we speak they have been put up and we are needing to work on the good side without lightsabers then maybe as the training gets better we can start using the lightsabers again.

leigh said...

So how would Isaac say the word Leigh? Am I aunt Yeigh? Haha. Always love your posts Becky. (and happy birthday!)

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