Caffeine, Cocoa, and a Collection…


2.)Name your current addiction...we can get through this together.

I don’t think all addictions are necessarily bad, and of which I happen to have a few. Two ought to be quit but the third one only needs a little management.  Is there such a thing as managing your addictions?  Maybe that’s what they call denial.  Anyway…


First, Diet Coke.  If it were at all possible, I’d have an IV drip of the stuff hooked up to my arm all day long.  I’d even have the doctor squeeze a lemon wedge into the bag to improve the flavor, not that my veins would register it, but still.  I won’t confess to how much of the stuff I drink but I can say, it’s a good thing I’m on an ulcer controlling medication.


Second, Chocolate.  Who doesn’t share this addiction?  It comforts, relieves, brightens, and offers a temporary high.  But, like most dependant drugs, the crash inevitably comes and so does the bad mood of the cocoa-holically (new word) deprived woman.  Grrrr….


Third,  Reading and Re-reading.  This is the one addiction that I won’t and have no desire to cure.  But, management might be helpful.  I’m not one of those people who can pick up a book and read it slowly over a few weeks.  It needs to be read and it needs to be read all at once.  I compare it to watching a movie.  Do you watch a movie all in one sitting or do you watch a few minutes at a time over a long period of time?  Why should it be any different with a book?  People ask me where I get the time to read.  Well, let’s just say, I usually wake up in the morning red-eyed and drowsy.  Also, when other people plop themselves in front of the boob-tube for 2 or 3 hours, I plop myself on my bed or into a comfortable chair and read my eyeballs out.  Now, the “re-reading” thing is one that I could probably control better.  Besides the Stephanie Meyer collection, the Shannon Hale collection, and the Robin McKinley collection, my latest re-reading addiction has been the Megan Whalen Turner collection.  There are more and I can be pulled away and be sucked into to other new and fabulous books, but if they don’t make themselves known in a very fast way, I most likely will fall back on my good old re-readers.  Miss Austen’s books will sometimes slip in there along with the Miss Bronte’s.  I suppose the only cure is to get some great recommendations.  Thank goodness for Goodreads!


Jayne said…
Oh, I am so laughing out loud right now! First, I am just like you regarding the reading. The public library in town is awful here so I borrowed my sil's library card the other day and checked a few books out in her city. Let's just say that my first night I only slept 1 hour and I'm still reading. (BTW - thanks for all of your Goodreads recommendations!) Second, I just finished The Candyshop War and one of the magicians gets the whole town hooked on magical white fudge. At the end (hope I'm not ruining this for you but it is worth the laugh) the kids are complaining about the fudge withdrawal their parents are going through. To quote a few: "My dad sleeps all the time. He quit shaving and showering. He's called into work twice already so he can mope around the house in his pajamas He's never acted so depressed." and another "My mom has been eating nonstop. Lately she's been downing brownie batter and milkshakes." Good laughs, yes? I think chocolate withdrawal would do that to any person, or Diet Coke for that matter.
Unknown Mami said…
Oh, the choclate and the reading are fine. The diet Coke -well. Years ago I kicked a regular Coca Cola habit. It can be done. My family still can't believe that I no longer touch the stuff. Thanks for sharing.
April said…
I am the same way with books. If I start one, I gotta finish it that day. The Twilight books had me up way into the early mornings.
Visiting from MamaKats
Welch Mom said…
Wow, what happens when you read and drink Diet Coke while eating chocolate?
Oh have you watched the movie Chocolate? Oh or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, those always make me want to shove chocolate bars in my mouth like Charlie the deprived little boy that never gets chocolate. Pretty sight huh?
Melisa said…
You are so hilarious, Becky. Make sure the lemon gets added to the drip. LOL!

Shauna said…
Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥
Happy Birthday on June 9th Becky!!! We love you!
Brenny said…
First off, I missed your birthday post so HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY! And you do realize that old cheese is revered everywhere, right?

Second, you had me laughing about your addictions. Don't try a chocolate drip -- the needle would have to be big and the chocolate very slow to enter the veins. Yikes! I'm cringing just thinking about it. I hear you about reading. Rereading is my own personal way of 'cleansing the palate'. My problem with books is like my problem with food -- my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I just looked and I have 10 books checked out from the library and two more waiting for me to pick them up!

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