Two Faced Tulips

jungle1 My kitchen looks like a jungle thanks to my wishful spring purchases.  My preemptive strike at gardening was a result of some miscommunication and misinterpretation of weather patterns. Spring is a shifty character, beautiful, but cannot be trusted, especially with plants. 

red-tulip Don’t trust that those fat red tulips won’t seek to deceive even the most cunning of gardeners.  Though most bulbs might be able to survive the frost, those temperate climate tomatoes won’t.  I had my suspicions and with a little help from my source (Mr. Weather Channel  005),  I was able to spare the lives of 2 Geraniums, 2 tomato plants, 3 ranunculus, and a fichus, the last of which is to be a permanent house guest. 

I will continue undaunted in my fight for the return of a more stable and honest Spring.  In fact, as an act of faith in the season’s ability to repent of its lack of commitment to warmth and sun tans, I will continue to play in the dirt.  Though I might only invest my energy into the pulling of weeds, it will at least prove that I’m serious while I endure the snow and rain and continue to wait for the return of warmer weather.  If a sacrifice is required, I might be willing to throw one of my geraniums onto the trampoline which at the moment is performing the role of a mighty ice alter. 


Melisa said…
Come on SPRING!!! Hurry it up already!!!

Brenny said…
Sometimes I think spring is like a cruel good looking guy -- it flirts and makes you promises so you'll open your heart and prepare for the return of good times and fair weather, but then surprises you with bursts of ice and frost out of no where.

Man, I need to stop reading teen books. Loved 'Blue Sword' by the way.

I hope you get to plant soon. My mouth is watering just thinking about fresh from the garden tomatoes...
mommymuse said…
Yeah, what is up with this psycho weather god? I don't like blizzards in April. Well, I guess it's better than June, but still! Enough already!
Welch Mom said…
Oh, sweet tulips we must save you from the frosty weather! Guard your greens!
Heatherlyn said…
I know, this kind of yo-yo weather is really hard on gardens!

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