Choose your poison

I rejoice today, for I have found something I thought I’d lost forever, my sense of taste.  My phobia of dentists is a sound fear.  I now, thanks to my apt. two weeks ago, have two pieces of evidence to back up this fear.  First, the one I’d acquired back in 2005, was a dentist’s drill bit that had to be surgically removed from my intestines, and which the removers of said bit, gave to me as a souvenir.

Robin Hood

“Take care Robin not to hit the tongue, but the gum!”

Second,  due to an aiming problem, the latest dentist shot Novocain into my tongue during my last appointment.  When I called to politely complain about it and to enquire as to wether or not this was a permenant condition, he said, “Oh!  We didn’t tell you about our new free diet plan?”  I had to try my hardest to force a polite laugh and then posed the question again, “so, when am I going to get my sense of taste back?”  He put me on hold for a moment.  I’m not sure why, unless he was checking to see if I’d signed the “I promise not to sue my dentist if he drills a hole through my tongue” clause.  He told me to just wait and see, and call him in a week if it didn’t come back.


Today, two weeks later, I have finally regained my sense of taste on the left side of my tongue. My favorite treat of Havarti cheese and red grapes can now be enjoyed in its fullest splendor.  I have to admit, that there was no change in the flavor of my diet coke throughout this whole episode, which, may or may not be a good thing.  I’ve noticed since I’ve been taking my small doses of iocane (or novocain, or aspartame) powder with every meal, that my enemies, instead of me, unexpectedly fall to their numbing deaths.

vicini 1


Mommy Of 2 said…
Gosh that is crazy,I am glad your got your taste back. 2 weeks is a long time though? Hey, I love that cheese too Mmmmmmm.
Deanne said…
Not a bad diet plan though. Second to having your jaw wired shut, I suppose. Let's hope that never happens to you!
Rachel said…
OH no! I guess you don't have much luck in the dentist department ;)
Welch Mom said…
Well the last time I was at the dentist he started to tell me how to make narcotics. Yep, I am not kidding. It did not take me more than a few seconds to decide I am getting a new dentist!
Natalie said…
Perhaps you could still taste the Diet Coke because it's so much a part of your routine that your brain just reacts, even without the tastebud functionality. I'm glad you can now enjoy the deliciousness of Havarti and red grapes-a snack that I , too enjoy thoroughly. Dentists are the worst!
Heatherlyn said…
Wow. I think you have the worst bad dentist luck EVER!!!!! How ANNOYING!!!!
StevenBecky said…
Wow, glad you finally got that taste back. It sounds like your dentist office has quite the sence of humor. Thanks for the encouragement on baby!
Phew! That was the first thing I thought of when you said you lost your sense of taste: "What!?!?! She's not tasting her Diet Coke??" :) He might be onto something about diet plan.
Happy Family said…
I am scared of the dentist now!

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