Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What’s not to love?

Five things that make me laugh before I go to bed, that in the conscious hours of the day I might have not found such joy in. Thank goodness for bed time and also for the resulting moments of uninterrupted contemplation.

plastic lizard 1. Being startled by a green plastic lizard. This lizard had somehow wriggled his way into my purse and as I put something back in it this evening, it’s previous surface must have given itself over to catapultism thereby launching it across the room. That kind of thing can be quite startling while deep in thoughts on how to get rid of the spider infestation in the lawn.

cave painting

2. Green and pink frosting on walls. The use of this medium for cave or spackled dry wall paintings is completely new to this century. If you care to see the exhibit, you may want to bone up on hand anatomy and how finger prints reveal themselves when pressed and coated in a sugary butter texture. Sir Isaac is our leading anthropologist and understands the art better than most. He’s even willing to test the surface of the art with his tongue to verify the origins of the organic paint.

3. A trail of cloths leading to Reed and Douglas’ room now empty of the boys who wore them. I used to think that only reptiles could shed their skin in one whole piece, apparently seven year olds with no respect or regard for laundry hampers can do the same thing.


4. Bear suit markings or droppings (whichever sounds best). Isaac likes to spread out his post-worn bear suit on the floor as if he were still in it and leave it there, perhaps for the next time he wants to slip into it. He needs one of those super hero closets where the hero returns his uniform to the cast sculpture hanger of himself, fake head for the helmet included.

calvin and vegetables

“Eggplant Casserole tonight? Why, yes!”

5. The massive pile of mommy’s experimental quesadillas left over from what appeared to be a hunger strike. Though, the strikers didn’t really have a moral cause involved, only a refusal to accept their role as test subjects for mommy’s sneaky attempt at disguising nutritional additives with cheese. “What is this brown thing in my quesadilla? Are those beans?” I looked at the pile of leftovers and thought about saving them but in reality I’d be the one eating them and I can only handle so many disguised refried beans myself.


Melisa said...

Calvin and Hobbes is the best. I sometimes wonder why I cook. My kids hate my cooking. Sigh.


Jayne said...

It's good you still have a sense of humor after the boys are sleeping. You should blog a post about ideas on disguising food. I've heard carrots in spagetti sauce works. Although there is no disguising eggplant for me. Yuck!

Heatherlyn said...

The comparison to kids clothing lying everywhere and snake-skin being shed is very very clever. I'll have to remember that!

Mommy Of 2 said...

So great! You have the best posts and are very great with the words too! Hey, I am excited to get my Twilight Dvd. I did orginally ordered it from Amazon but cancelled and got iy from borders, better stuff with it. I did get a not from Amazon though saying they still had my order number, I have got to fix it, otherwise i might have 2 DvD... Oh well:)

Brenny said...

I've been catching up. I feel like I've missed so much! Too much to comment on, but I just have to say I enjoy your blog so much. It makes my mind work and my middle jiggle as I giggle silently. (I check most blogs at work...)

Melissa said...

I agree, things are always better after bedtime! I think your quesadillas sound delicious.

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